Maintenance by ST Vitrinen

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Maintenance by ST Vitrinen

We set high demands for our products and only use components that have been proven to function perfectly in continuous operation. In order to achieve maximum safety and reliability, all systems must be checked regardless from time to time. We offer our customers on-site maintenance and service.

Wartung und Service von Digital Signage Hardwaresystem
Your Benefits
  • Flexible appointment scheduling
  • Calculated maintenance costs
  • Professional maintenance by trained specialists according to our specific ST Vitrine service plan
  • Preventive replacement of parts that have wearing
  • Perform the necessary security checks
  • We will react immediately in the event of abnormalities or fault
  • Instant and cost-effective exchange of small parts up to (total value) of 25€
  • Detailed assessment and documentation of the technical condition of the device
  • Documentation of all measures for every device
  • ST Vitrinen takes care of appointments and scheduling to ensure that the service work is carried out regularly

Service Description of Our On-Site Maintenance


Systems are regularly checked regarding damage caused by vandalism
All doors are checked (opening and closing)
The stability of the system is checked
All installed seals are checked

Electronic Checks

Function test of the built-in residual current circuit breaker (RCD)
Built-in sensors are tested for functionality
The temperature-management system is checked
Visual inspection of the installed cables
The function of touch-systems will get checked


Changing of all filters
Internal cleaning of the system (vacuuming)
External cleaning of the facility
Cleaning the glass panes
Cleaning the display

Included Services

On-site announcement of maintenance work, safeguarding of the construction site
Maintenance measures, including detergents & coarse dust filter
Disposal of exchanged parts, instant exchange of small parts up to 25€ as a cost-effective service
Documentation of the maintenance: Attachment of a maintenance-seal within the system
Documentation of the maintenance in the service booklet, transmission of a maintenance log

Personal Support and Advice

Phone: 0521 977 04-0

You can reach us Monday to Thursday from 7:30am to 5:00pm and Friday from 7:30am to 3:00pm.

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